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Award Overview

The ICCEA Canberra (Australia) Chapter, The Peter Stanley Excellence in Cost Estimation Award has been crated in honour of Peter's contribution to estimating. This award recognises the leadership, dedication, and expertise of cost estimation professionals in Australasia. The judges are seeking individuals who have contributed to the improvement of estimation practices and professionalization of cost estimation as a career.

For more on the award see: The Peter Stanley Excellence in Cost Estimation Award 



2023 Mr. James Bancroft



Winner 2023 Award:  Mr. James Bancroft

James Bancroft.jpg

Our inaugural recipient of this award is a man whose passion for cost estimation, and for doing it well, almost rivals that of Pete himself. His enthusiasm in taking cost estimation to the next level is evident to everyone that works with him. He has made presentations to numerous communities of practice over the years, including this one, and has published a number of papers on the subject of cost estimation.


Not satisfied with one area of expertise, this award recipient has tertiary education which spans Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, Finance and Project Management, which have provided him with the ability to see cost threads overlooked by many. His insights have shaped the practice, policy and procedures of cost estimation in the public sector. The thing that sets our winner apart is his ability to make people around him want to become great cost estimators. His personable and friendly approach encourages all of those around him to engage in and share the challenge of not only creating a great estimate but communicating it to those people with a need to know.