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The 10th PGCS Symposium and Masterclasses were an outstanding success and an opportunity to celebrate! The two-day symposium program consisted of seven keynote presentations, two panel sessions, and 23 concurrent sessions, with plenty of networking opportunities; followed by three international masterclasses on the third day. Post event feedback shows this 10th anniversary celebration achieved very high levels of attendee satisfaction. 


The PGCS Project and Program Management Symposium 2023 was based on the theme Competent people create project success! Competent practitioners have the ability to share, acquire and apply knowledge effectively in the context of their project. PGCS 2023 delivered on each of these, great presenters, attentive delegates and everyone growing their knowledge and capabilities. 


2023 Earned Schedule Special Event 

PGCS hosted an international webinar in March 2023 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the seminal paper Schedule is Different, in The Measurable News.
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2023 Webinar Series 

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Symposium Program:

22nd August:

The Symposium Day 1. Download the program.

Networking event in the trade exhibition.

23rd August:

The Symposium Day 2. Download the program

24th August:

Masterclass: Ryan Bettinger, Converting a Project Master Schedule into an analysis schedule - tips, tricks, and techniques to prepare for a full Joint Confidence Level (JCL) Analysis.

Masterclass: Rasmus Rytter & Helena Bograd, Realizing benefits from change - The role of change management as the key enabler for benefits realization

Masterclass: Mr Gordon Kranz, Integrated performance management analysis. To include SE Technical performance measures, Risk Management, and Cost and schedule metrics.


August - November 2023 - Free access to the recorded presentations for all Symposium delegates.



Photo Gallery:

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2023 was a hybrid event for both speakers and participants

      Chris Deeble AO, CSC                       PGCS Committee                                            Plenary Audience  
Presenting the Walt Lipke Award 
                           Panel Session #1 - Controls                                                 Stacey Wehmeier & Chris Deeble



In speaking order - download the available PowerPoint presentations via the links below.

Key Note and Plenary speakers:

Stacey Wehmeier, PGCS Director: Opening remarks and PGCS update.
                                    - PGCS Walt Lipke Award Presentation
                                    - ICEAA Peter Stanley Award Presentation

Chris Deeble AO, CSC. Deputy Secretary of the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG):
Acquiring and Sustaining Capability - Delivering on our Promises  

Gordon Kranz – USA: Adapting Systems Engineering from Waterfall to Agile  

Rasmus Rytter – Denmark: Realizing benefits form change  

Drew Nugent – TBH Silver Sponsor: Current techniques for multi path analysis of major project schedules  

Thomas Gut – Switzerland: The Gotthard Base Tunnel: Full Lifecycle Management and Maintenance of Major Infrastructure  

Ryan Bettinger – USA: The FICSM Team: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts  

Teresa Blair – Locknote presentation 

Kym Henderson, Chair PGCS Ltd: Closing remarks.


Panel Sessions

Panel 1 Project Controls:

Chair: Mr Kym Henderson

Mr Ryan Bettinger – USA

Mr Gordon Kranz – USA

Ms Angela Tuffley - Aus

Mr Drew Nugent – Aus


Panel 2 PPP Governance and People:

Chair: Mr Pat Weaver

Mr Rasmus Rytter - Denmark

Ms Val Jonas – UK

Mr Robert McMartin - Aus

Dr Naomi Mathers – Aus


Delivering Complex Projects and Programs

Colin Smith: Identifying and Responding to Complexity in Major Projects and Programs

Dr John Bensley: Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Rethinking Risk, Opportunity & Resilience

Alex Walsh: Managing wicked program delivery, Sellafield - a Case Study

Dr Nam Nguyen: Governance and Controls in Complex Projects

Alex Lyaschenko: PredAptive delivery: Predictive + Adaptive

Toby Buchanan: The future of tendering is here: RPV, AI and the South Geelong to Waurn Ponds Duplication


Controlling Projects and Programs

Angela Tuffley: Why Is My Schedule Slipping - and what can I do about it?

Sandeep Chinnobaiah Singapore: 4D Program - Future of Project Controls

Maisara Al Rais: Application of 4D BIM in project controls for construction management

Kym Henderson: ISO EVM Practice Guide & Standard update

Wayne Greenwood: Pull Planning using Project Flow Diagrams


Governance and Stakeholders

Val Jonas Risk Decisions UK: Leadership and Governance: are you steering or sitting in the back seat? 

Patrick WeaverPredicting Completion - a Governance Requirement

Professor Shankar Sankaran & Dr Tom Crow: Project Governance by Engineers

Robert McMartin: Evolution of Projects and Project Management - Reframing competency for the modern world

Meri Duncanson: My PMO is smaller than your PMO

Helena Bograd, Denmark: Benefitting from Change Management.   

Note: Patrick Weaver and Prof. Shankar Sankaran are replacement speakers.