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Gavin Halling.jpgGavin Halling

2021 Webinar: A Risk Management Journey

A risk management journey distils Gavin's 25 years' experience into three stops: process, toolsets and uncertain costs. It describes how each stop evolved from the experience of solving a client's challenge coupled with a focus on value (particularly efficiency and effectiveness). The journey includes some handouts that will enable you to reflect on your experience. It ends by asking you to consider where you are in your risk management journey and what you see as your desired destination.

View the Webinar


2019: Deriving Certainty from Uncertainty - Value from Project Risk and Contingency Management

The International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 describes itself as a guide. Its application varies widely across organisations. This is to be expected when the context is substantially different (eg a compliance risk process will be different to one for projects). There is also the recent (version 2 Feb 2019) IEAus Risk Engineering Society "Contingency Guidelines". Both these documents tell you what is expected but do not give too much practical insight into HOW to undertake project risk and contingency management.
Project risk has two components that separate it from other risk processes:

1. A rapidly changing risk profile which requires a particularly dynamic process and
2. Consumption of precious capital

This presentation describes a well-honed process that will enable you to effectively manage risk.
Download the presentation.




Halton, Jane.JPGJane Halton.

2016: The Finance Transformation Program.

Speech to the Project Governance and Controls Symposium, by the Secretary of the Department of Finance, Ms Jane Halton AO PSM, Canberra, 12 May 2016. Download the speech.






Damon Hancock.jpg

Damon Hancock

2019: What makes for Successful Infrastructure Delivery

The issues faced by major infrastructure are not new, however many of the people dealing with them are. How do you overcome this 'churn' and maintain a learning perspective in high pressure constant tension environment? Come and hear Damon's view on what we do well, with the contracting market constantly evolving with some large local contracting firms up for sale, some projects are making unprecedented losses and foreign entrants lining up hoping to get a slice of the action. What will prevent them from succeeding and what will push them to success?


2018: The Challenges of Big Infrastructure.

Personal insights and reflections on why so many major projects fail to achieve their core objectives of: on time delivery, within agreed budget, and meeting their stated purpose - at least initially so. Lessons and pitfalls!
Download the presentation.


Louise Hart.jpgLouise Hart.

2014: A Failure of Governance: InterCity West Coast Franchise (UK).

In 2012 the UK Government announced that it would award £5.5 billion InterCity West Coast passenger rail services franchise to First West Coast Limited. Virgin Trains, the ousted incumbent, successfully challenged the decision. This presentation explains what went wrong and the lessons that can be learned in the context of project governance and control. Download the presentation.



Travis_Harvey.jpgTravis Harvey

2022 Keynote: CASG Integrated Investment Portfolio Integrated Master Schedule: Strengthening Portfolio Visibility and Performance

TBH was engaged by the CASG Integrated Delivery and Architecture Directorate, Program Delivery Analysis and Planning Branch of Integration Division in December 2021 to develop a portfolio level Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) for the CASG Integrated Investment Portfolio (IIP). This presentation will cover: The business challenge facing CASG and Defence The solutions implemented to overcome the technical challenges Demonstration of use cases and key aspects of the tool The benefits of the IMS in establishing Integrated Portfolio Management Future plans including the development of additional capabilities Lesson learned including aspects that should be considered by organisation seeking to implement a portfolio level IMS.



SHayes.jpgStephen Hayes.

2014: The management of projects in a complex environment.

The need for research and the work of the ICCPM. Download the presentation.





Deb_Hein.jpgDeb Hein.

2015: An Overview of Complex Project Management and ICCPM Initiatives and Research.

An overview of complex project management, why it is different to regular project management and what this means for the manager responsible for delivering outcomes. An overview of ICCPM initiatives and research activities is also covered. Download the presentation.



Kym_H_big.jpgKym Henderson.

2023: ISO 21512 EVM Implementation Guidance

As the convenor and Project Leader for the current ISO TC258 WG12, EVM Implementation Guidance project and previously Core writing team member for ISO TC 258 WG7 which developed the global ISO EVM Standard (21508:2018) and Chair PGCS Ltd, Kym Henderson is uniquely positioned to provide a global perspective on the current 'state of play with EVM globally and what this could mean for Australia. This presentation provides an overview of:
• ISO 21512 EVM Implementation Guidance The companion standard to ISO 21508: 2018 which provides guidance on "how to" effectively implement EVM.
• A "lookahead" on what is in the pipeline with a refresh to ISO 21508:2018 and ISO 21511:2018 (Work breakdown structures for project and programme management) and what these updates may mean for Australia. 

Download the presentation


2022: ISO 21512 EVM Implementation Guidance

As the convenor and Project Leader for the current ISO TC258 WG12, EVM Implementation Guide project, Core writing team member for ISO TC 258 WG7 which developed the published global ISO EVM Standard (21508:2018) and Chair PGCS Ltd, Kym Henderson will provide an overview of the ISO EVM Standard, Australia's modified adoption as AS4817-2019 and the under-development ISO EVM Implementation Guide. His position enables Kym to provide unique insights on the standards development process, considerations and issues which lead to the ISO EVM Standard being the published standard that it is and the current status and challenges of developing the ISO EM Implementation Guide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the presentation.


2019: Implementing AS/ISO 21508 Earned Value in Project and Programme Management

Kym Henderson was one of the key contributors to the development of ISO 21508 and ISO 21511 (WBS) and lead the Standards Australia project to adopt 21508, upgraded to include a normative annex customised to the needs of Australian contract managers. This is a unique opportunity to understand the practical implications of how AS/ISO 21508 will affect your projects in the future from the person who literally 'wrote the book'.

Download the presentation.


2018: Progress in International Project Management Standards.

An overview on the progress of WBS and EVM standards being developed by ISO TC 258.
Download the presentation.


2015: Establish the Project Baseline + Integrated Baseline Reviews.

The project baseline provides the foundation for effectively managing a project and measuring progress against plan. This presentation looks at the Earned Value Project Management (EVPM) processes used to establish a project baseline and provides an overview of the conduct of the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) that confirms the viability and approves the Performance Measurement Baseline. Download the presentation.


2014: The Increased Importance of Project Governance and Controls in Lean Times.

Project controls challenges with the Defence community. Download the presentation.

2013: Earned Schedule In Action.

Case study: The application of Earned Schedule on two IT projects, demonstrating quantifiable cost and
schedule performance improvements. Download the presentation.



Ms Mandy Hill.

Ms Mandy Hill.jpg2021: Knowing how and when to apply an Agile approach.

This presentation outlines a road map for navigating the complex decisions needed to balance a fully agile approach with the need to work within prescribed budgets. These insights are based on successfully delivering many projects across government navigating between a prescribed agile approach to project delivery, and the Government's push for the delivery of value.. 
Download the presentation.



Hudson, David.jpgMr David Hudson.

2016: Project Controls and the Implications for Enterprise Project Management.

This presentation discusses the wider implications of project controls in the context of an Enterprise Project Management framework and the overlaps between project controls and organisational project management maturity. Download the presentation.



Yiding.jpgMr Yiding Hu.

2016: Can We Improve Project Risk Management?.

Risk management of a Defence acquisition project requires the identification and mitigation of risks from initial project planning to the end of service life. When dealing with long-term system or capability development, project risk management is a dynamic process. This leads to a need for the effective management approaches outlined in this presentation.

Download the presentation.



Vernon Ireland.jpgProfessor Vernon Ireland

2019: Stream Keynote: Engineering Failures and Lack of Recognition of Complex Systems Parameters

A group of engineering projects are examined, all o which failed in a disastrous way, leading to deaths, or failed in spectacularly exceeding the proposed budget. The projects include two NASA projects which had deaths, The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant, BP's Deepwater oil platform in the Mexican Gulf and the Boston Big Dig project. All projects have been shown to have neglected to recognise a group of complex systems parameters, which, if recognised, would have led to avoiding the project failure. The complex systems parameters are examined, some of which are not recognising: Complex rather than complicated; Requisite Variety; Dynamic systems; Beer's Viable Systems Model; We don't know what we don't know; Cascading risk; Systemic risks; Mindfulness; Not dumbing down including reluctance to simplify; Preoccupation with Failure; Normalising deviance; Causal loops; Reference class Forecasting; Generate open communications, clear boundaries and a strong value system.
Download the presentation.



Tom Ioannou.jpgDr. Tom Ioannou.

2016: The Australian Perspective. Download speaking notes.


2014: Project Governance and Controls - the ANAO Perspective.

This presentation covers an outline of the ANAO’s role, structure and audit approach; a discussion of their general perspective on policy and project implementation, and includes lessons learned from some recent audits. Download the presentation.