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This Master Class has been developed by Mr. Walt Lipke, the developer of the Earned Schedule concept. It is in five sections; each section includes a lecture (video) and exercises. Each video is about one hour in length; overall, the course will take about 8 hours to complete.


After registration, the course can be run on-line from the PGCS website, or you can run the videos and download the exercises using the links in the Course Structure PDF.


Click to run the video below that outlines the course.

Registration for the Earned Schedule Masterclass is free.

The information collected below is to assist in course management and development only. It will not be used for any other purpose. 

The course contents have been developed and maintained by Mr Walt Lipke, the originator of the ES concept. PGCS are acting as the delivery facilitator. 


For all enquiries please email ESCourse@mosaicprojects.com.au.

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