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Mission The Project Governance and Controls Symposium (PGCS) is a not for profit organisation focused on expanding knowledge of the governance, management and control of projects, programs, and portfolios in Australasia and rewarding excellence in research. A core component of our mission is the funding of research into aspects of the governance, management and/or control of projects, programs, and/or portfolios, in the Australian context.

Please note, The Australian Research Council has now included ‘Project Management’ as a research classification in Australia and New Zealand with the code 350712, listed under Strategy, Management and Organisational Behaviour. 


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The PGCS Walt Lipke Research Grant to be awarded in 2024 is set at $15,000.00.

Future grants will be determined based on the success of our Symposium and Masterclasses each year and awarded annually.


Note: for details of the ICCEA Canberra (Australia) Chapter, Peter Stanley award click here.



How to submit your Application

 1.  The research grants for 2024 will close on 30th June 2024.

 2.  All applications are to be completed using the Application Form available for downloading below. 

 3.  An electronic copy of this application form and all supporting documents must be submitted to PGCS at by close of business on the due date. 

 4.  Late applications and those that do not fulfil the eligibility criteria will not be accepted. 

 5.  All applications must include the signed declaration of applicant responsibilities included in these guidelines.

 6. The grant recipient for 2024 will be notified by 5th August 2023, the formal presentation of the grant will be
     made at the PGCS Symposium, Canberra. 



Grant Criteria and Assessment


Each research proposal submitted is assessed based on the following elements of the grant application:

 -  The significance of the research to advancing the practice of governance, management and/or control of
     projects, programs, and/or portfolios, in Australia
 -  Quality, relevance and recency of the literature review and background to the study
 -  Adequacy and feasibility of the research design
 -  Consideration of any ethical issues, and
 -  The contribution of the PGCS grant towards enhancing or enabling the research.


Eligibility Criteria

The PGCS Research Grant is available to any academic or post graduate researcher (including PhD candidates), based at an Australian or New Zealand University, researching a topic consistent with our mission. For administrative purposes, the grant will be awarded to an individual researcher (the Applicant). The applicant may prepare this application and undertake the funded research:

 -  As an individual
 -  Under the supervision of, or with the assistance from, more senior Academics or industry practitioners
 -  As part of a collaboration involving other researchers either within the Applicant’s university, between universities,
     and/or involving industry.

The grant may be awarded to support ongoing research or to fund new research.

Key Criteria:

 -  The researcher or researchers are employed by, or studying at, an Australian or New Zealand University, or
 -  The research is supported by one or more Australian or New Zealand Universities.
 -  The research is primarily focused on of projects, programs, and/or portfolios in the context of Australian business
     or government practice (Note: this provision does not preclude collaboration with overseas participants).
 -  The research is focused on improving the practice of one or more of:
     -  Project governance, management and/or control
     -  Program governance, management and/or control
     -  Portfolio governance, management and/or control.
 -  The grant recipient agrees to present a report on their findings at the annual Project Governance & Controls
     Symposium in Canberra, and publish a report in the PGCAR.



Download the 2024 Grant Application form - PDF Version


Download the 2024 Grant Application form - Word Version