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170 project managers, speakers, and guests enjoyed two days of presentations and networking followed by master classes on day 3. 



14th August:

The Symposium Day 1. Download the 2018 program.

Networking event in the trade exhibition.

15th August:

The Symposium Day 2. Download the 2018 program.

16th August:

Masterclass:  Getting to done: the tools and techniques needed to successfully finish a project, Glen Alleman

Masterclass:  Predicting project outcomes – Earned Schedule is just the beginning! Walt Lipke


Photo Gallery:


          Ben Du Bois &  Mitch Pirie            Kaye Remington                 The Walt Lipke award                          Uzi Rubin 
                                                                                Raymond Young being congratulated by Walt Lipke



In speaking order.

Key Note and Plenary speakers:

Patrick Weaver, Chair Organising Committee: Opening remarks.

Professor Satish Chand, UNSW Canberra School of Business: Welcome address.

Steve Shinn, Chief Financial Officer NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA): NASA Perspectives on Managing Big Projects: Sometimes project management is rocket science!

Damon Hancock, General Manager - Major Infrastructure Samsung C&T: The Challenges of Big Infrastructure.

Walt Lipke, USA: Lipke Award Presentation and Annual Lipke Address “The Earned Schedule Journey”.

Uzi Rubin, Senior Researcher in the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (Israel): Managing Developmental Projects for National Security: A Case Study of Israel’s Arrow Missile Defence Program.

Glen Alleman, Vice President Program Planning and Controls, Niwot Ridge LLC (USA): Getting to Done (and some Issues along the Way).

Dr Kaye Remington: Educating your Project Management Staff.

Kym Henderson / Professor Russell Kenley: Progress in International Project Management Standards

Loretta Bayliss, CEO, Prescience Technology: Implementing Effective Project Management Systems and Tools

Patrick Weaver, Chair Organising Committee: Closing remarks.


Academic Stream including the Walt Lipke finalists

Dr Raymond Young, UNSW Canberra (Walt Lipke winner): Strategic management of the Defence S&T Portfolio: Are we there yet?

Dr Ripon K Chakrabortty (1*), Dr Alireza Abbasi (2) and Dr Michael J. Ryan (3) (Walt Lipke runner-up) Handling Uncertainties and Preparing for the Unexpected in Real-life Project Scheduling

Troy Allen, Munir Ahmed Saeed (Walt Lipke runner-up) Benefits Realisation Management Practices: Are they worthy? 

Dr Keith Joiner, UNSW Canberra: Case Study in new Project Governance Quantitative Techniques.

Dr Bob Wylie, UNSW Canberra: Project Management for innovation: A Competence Perspective.

Prof. Russell Kenley Swinburne University: Project Governance by Project Micro-Milestones: Location-Based Micro-Milestones and pre-registered payment distribution.


Practitioner Stream

CAPT James Nash RAN: A Navy Case Study – The Strategic Enterprise Approach to Combat System Development*.

Haydn Thomas, Mindavation Pty Ltd: Successfully Managing Sponsors

Mario Paglia / Dr S Shalbafan: Optimize Project Performance with an Enterprise Portfolio Solution.

Glen Alleman (USA): Technical Performance Measures and Physical Percent Complete: Aids to Knowing When You Are Done.

Walt Lipke (USA): Managing out of Sequence Project Tasks.

Lynda Bourne: Information is Subjective. Knowledge is Creative.

Robert Bolton, BreakThrough Project Management: Combining Project Alliancing (PA) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).

Mitch Pirie / Ben Du Bois: The Australian Government’s Infrastructure Investment Program: Governance Arrangements and Managing Project and Program Risks.

Air Commodore Terry Saunders: Big or Small: Managing Defence Projects

Raf Dua: How Project Failures Threatens the Board Room. Some Prevention Strategies – An Australian Perspective.

Steven Bird: Integrated Project Controls – Climbing the Maturity Curve.


Education Stream

Raf Dua, Micro Planning International Pty Ltd: An Introduction to Project Scheduling & Peer Review of a Schedule

Lou Vidotto, ACES: Project Controls metrics and the contribution to the Project Management process

Patrick Weaver, Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd: An Overview of Earned Value Management