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The ICCEA Canberra (Australia) Chapter, The Peter Stanley Excellence in Cost Estimation Award has been crated in honour of Peter Stanley's contribution to estimating. This award recognises the leadership, dedication, and expertise of cost estimation professionals in Australasia. The judges are seeking individuals who have contributed to the improvement of estimation practices and professionalization of cost estimation as a career.


The Peter Stanley award will be presented to the winner during the official opening of the PGCS Symposium. The recipient of the award will receive a certificate and plaque in recognition of their contribution to the costing community as well as free admission to the PGSC Symposium in Canberra. See more on the PGCS Symposium.


The 2024 Award is open for applications:
-  Applications close at 5:00pm on 28th June 2024.
-  The award will be presented at PGCS on 20th August 2024. 
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Previous Winners:

2023 Mr. James Bancroft


Peter Stanley

ICCEA_Peter_Stanley.jpgPeter Stanley has long been a force in the Australian Defence cost estimation community. His passion and enthusiasm for his craft is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge and experience to improve our practices. As an early adopter of probabilistic estimation in this country, Peter has always delighted in providing his seniors with narratives to demonstrate the probability of delivering projects on time and on budget. His firm belief that cost estimation and analysis can add value to the decision making process through the entire product life cycle was evident throughout his career. As a cost estimator Peter is second to none. His natural attention to detail and curiosity are reinforced by extensive knowledge in the field that led him to build complex and robust cost models. He used his understanding of the interconnectedness of all things to identify with uncanny accuracy a range of direct and indirect elements that could escape the notice of the most people.


Above all else, Peter was a ‘unicorn’ in our profession: an incredibly personable cost estimator. He strikes up a friendship with anyone, and has the gift of making those around him feel valued and included in all interactions whether professional or personal. He built and maintained phenomenal networks of subject matter experts both here in Australia and around the world. More than anything, Peter could make you want to be a cost estimator. His enthusiasm and joy were evident when he was practicing his craft, and his excitement when pulling the thread of potential costs was contagious in the extreme. No costie he worked with was unaffected by his passion and drive. Single handedly, Peter Stanley has improved the quality and rigour with which cost estimation is conducted in Australia.



2024 Award Details


    ♦  Applications are open to individuals engaged in cost estimation in the private or public sector across Australasia.
    ♦  Nominations may be made on behalf of others. Members of the judging panel are unable to be nominated.
    ♦  An unrelated professional referee is requested to verify the individual’s eligibility for the nomination.  



    ♦  Describe the contribution you/they have made as a leader of cost estimation in Australasia.
    ♦  Give examples of how you/they have added to the knowledge base and better practice of cost estimation.

Up to 400 words.  


    ♦  Describe how you/they have led and promoted the professionalization of cost estimation as a career.
    ♦  Include details of mentoring or training you/they have provided to others.  

Up to 300 words. 


    ♦  Provide an overview of estimates you/they have contributed to which exemplify better practice.
    ♦  Outline the ways in which your/their cost narratives have empowered decision makers.  

Up to 300 words. 

Your entry must be made using the Word version of the application form - Download now.
Applications close 28th June 2024, late submissions will not be accepted. 

The awards committee elected by ICEAA Canberra will not discuss submissions for this award with applicants.
Selection will be based on the written submissions provided to, and evaluated by, a team of professional industry judges.

Decisions of the judging panel are final.
The award will be presented at the 2024 PGSC Symposium. Admission to the symposium is included with the award; travel and accommodation are at the recipients own expense.


Download the 2024 Award Application form - PDF Version


Download the 2024 Award Application form - Word Version