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Agile Overview

2022: Building a Culture of Agile Governance. Louise Gardner.

Organisations and ways of working are changing and adapting faster than ever before. The way we provide oversight and governance to projects is also being forced to change. How do make sure our program and project governance is fit for purpose in this new world? Robust, yet agile enough to support quick decision making. Detailed, but not bureaucratic. This presentation seeks to address some of the key factors in deciding how 'agile' project governance should be, and explores some of cultural elements that may be the key to picking the right point on the agile governance spectrum.

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Governing Agile – The changing role of project controls in an ‘Agile’ environment,  2014,  Patrick Weaver.

Adapting traditional 'governance and controls' to support 'Agile' project developments. 
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Knowing how and when to apply an Agile approach. 2021, Mandy Hill.

This presentation outlines a road map for navigating the complex decisions needed to balance a fully agile approach with the need to work within prescribed budgets. These insights are based on successfully delivering many projects across government navigating between a prescribed agile approach to project delivery, and the Government's push for the delivery of value.. 
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Controlling Agile

2022 Keynote: Integrating Project controls with Agile development. Gordon Kranz.

The pace of technology deployment is offering new opportunities and challenges for both commercial and government organizations. Commercial companies are trying to stay ahead of the competition, and government organizations adapting to the changing global economy and threats. Agile development methods are providing mechanisms to address these emergent and everchanging problems. We will discuss issues project controls professionals have with defining a baseline plan and tracking progress on Agile projects. Agile is a disciplined set of methods that should offer transparency with planning, status, and program objectives. If Agile methods are done correctly the plan, progress, and retrospective is clear. Understanding and mapping Agile methods and artifacts to traditional project controls is critical to being able to manage Agile programs.

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Masterclass: Integrating Agile with project controls on major projects


Lets re-examine how Agile is EVM. 2021: Meri Duncanson. 

This presentation is an interactive re-examination on how Agile and EVM can work together to uplift project performance and boost project analysis and forecasting. Giving an overview of both Earned Value Management and Agile methodology and using real world examples and scenarios, showing how the two approaches to managing projects can be melded into an effective framework focused on delivering quality outcomes for both the customer and the business.
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Controlling Agile, 2019, Patrick Weaver. 

Is choosing an agile development methodology an invitation to anarchy? This session will canvass the options available to provide the 'gentle touch' needed to retain effective control whilst allowing the delivery team to be agile and creative. Agile is now a core component of the PMBOK® Guide and Practice Standard for Scheduling 3rd Ed. Based on these standards (and others) Patrick Weaver will look at the interface between Agile and 'traditional controls'.
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