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Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik.jpgMahmoud Efatmaneshnik

2019: A Modelling Approach for Integration of Systems Engineering and Program Management

Defence systems acquisition is fraught with all sorts of financial, technical and political risks. The most effective way of mitigating risks associated with acquisition of complex systems is through identification of these risks as early as concept examination phase. One possible avenue to de-risk complex acquisition projects is through the integration of program management and systems engineering views. In General terms, project/program management is concerned with timely and on the budget execution of projects where as Systems Engineering is concerned with complexity management and successful systems integration. This paper will outline an approach for risk and complexity evaluation and mitigation of capability concepts to be used, in risk mitigation planning, systems engineering planning and project control activities.
Download the presentation.



RobElliott.jpgCDRE Robert Elliott.

2017: A Defence Perspective on Reform and Improving Project Performance.

This presentation looks at the role of program sponsorship within the 'one defence' reform program and how the structure of accountability is enhancing program delivery and sustainment. Download the presentation.



Elissa Farrow.jpgElissa Farrow.

2014: Harnessing the Power of Diversity.

This presentation covers: What are the benefits of diversity? How significant are diversity differences e.g. ethnicity, gender, age, location? How do we build project teams that bring out the strengths of our diverse workforce? How do you create a ‘rich communication’ environment and break down barriers? What the role of a leader is in diverse project teams? Download the presentation.



David Fox.jpgDavid Fox.

2015: Applying project controls including Earned Value and Earned Schedule to a Manufacturing Environment.

An overview of the application of project governance and controls using EVM and Earned Schedule in a manufacturing environment.

Download the presentation.