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Project Governance and Controls Symposium

Aim: To improve project delivery outcomes across

the public and private sectors.

The Project Governance and Controls Symposium (PGCS) is designed to enhance the connection between project management, project governance and project controls.  Project management cannot operate effectively without the support of senior management and the information from effective project controls. Frank and fearless reporting of status and issues cannot be assumed if the middle levels of management have the capability to restrict negative information. Conversely, executive management decisions depend on accurate and realistic assessments of risk, schedule and cost. Creating a culture where this type of information is not only available but accepted and used properly is the key governance issue within the project, program and portfolio domain.


To build the connections, PGCS is designed to bring together people from these two mutually interdependent strands of governance and controls, in an interactive forum, to consider how they can support each other to the overall benefit of their organisation and its ability to deliver projects, programs and portfolios successfully.


The importance of the themes underlying the design of PGCS since 2013 was heavily reinforced by the release in 2016 of Learning from Failure: Why large government policy initiatives have gone so badly wrong in the past and how the chances of success in the future can be improved (the Shergold Report), which sets out a framework designed to improve the delivery of major Australian Government programs. 


Part D” of the Shergold Report is focused on enhancing project (and program) management and the underlying project governance and control arrangements.  No other forum is better placed to help Departments and other organisations come to grips with the challenges of improving project governance and controls and implementing the recommendations of the Shergold Report.  




ADFA.jpgPGCS has grown to require professional hosting capabilities provided by a commercial venue; since 2018, the symposium has been held annually, in the month of August, at a selected venue near to the Canberra CBD with a virtual component starting in 2020.

In its earlier years, the symposium was hosted by Platinum Sponsors, UNSW Canberra, at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Canberra, ACT, during the May term break.

For details of previous symposiums and their location visit our Library page.  




The PGCS organisation has designed the symposium to provide a forum to advance and improve the governance, management and controls elements of project management through educational programs and networking activities that explore the governance and controls dimensions of project management and thereby the overall probability of project success. The PGCS annual symposium facilitates project management people being able to network, but more importantly, to interact via educational presentations from leaders in the field including the USA and Europe with leading edge information on topics relating to project governance and control.


Being part of the PGCS provides you with the opportunity to move into a space that is not well defined by other professional bodies, allows you to tap into information and resources drawn from around the globe, and encourages your contribution to the on-going discussion. Knowledge sharing is key to achieving our objectives, you are welcome to explore and make use of the information in our library. Or join the discussion on Linked-In.