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Note: A limited number of presentations are not available for publication. 


Symposium Overview - Why you should attend!

This year's PGCS project and program management symposium features an exciting range of keynote speakers focused around our theme 'failure is not an option'.  Click through to the new symposium website for full details of this exciting event. PGCS Symposium 2018



PGCS Essay Competition - Now Open


$1500 in prizes plus complimentary registrations to PGCS 2018 for essays of 2000 - 3000 words.

Topics for the PGCEPC 2018 must be of an interesting and/or thought-provoking nature that has project, program or portfolio governance and/or control (or a related issue) as its central focus. All essays received will be considered for presentation or publication.

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PGCS is unique in Australia

PGCS is the only event focused on enhancing an organisation's ability to govern its projects and programs by improving the capability and integration of both its project controls and governance functions. We achieve this in three ways:

A unique focus on project managment, governance and controls

PGCS is simultaneously a major event for Australia's project management professionals and for their senior managers responsible for organisational governance. 

The Symposium is designed to provide a unique learning experience - see more

Our corporate structure is deliberately light - see about us

We are not-for-profit, all surpluses will be invested in education and research in Australasia.  


Working to develop Australian skills

- Bringing international thought leaders from Europe and the USA to participate in the symposium.

- A strong focus on Australian academic developments including an academic stream.

- Organising one-on-one meetings between our visiting keynotes and Australian leaders.

- Publishing the symposium materials, for public access, in our library.

- Including masterclasses from international experts in the program (see this year's masterclass). 


Providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas

We do not seek to compete with member based organisations, PGCS policy is to network with and support all organisations focused on developing the profession of project management world-wide. See below.

Networking and an open forum for discussion are essential elements of PGCS - to stay in touch follow our
News Page or join our Linked-In group.

To read more about the PGCS objectives and mission, see our 'About Page'  

Latest News


PGCS Launches the PGCAR Journal.

Our new peer reviewed academic journal. 

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The PGCS Library has been updated to include the speakers and presentations from 2017

This is a rich resource with papers and other resources from our 2013 symposium through to the present time. 

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A new paradigm for governing complex projects

Prof. 'Chuck' Keating's is a world-leading expert on the effective governance of complex projects.  His presentation to PGCS 2017 is now available for downloading.

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Project management recognised as a profession in the UK

The Privy Council considered the application by the Association of Project Management (APM) at its meeting on 12 October 2016 and has now issued an Order of Grant, which has triggered a process which will see the association awarded a Royal Charter. 

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Jane Halton 2016 Keynote Speach 

Ms Jane Halton, AO PSM Secretary of the Department of Finance highlighted the importance of the need to improve project management, governance and controls at PGCS 2016. Click here to access her speech.

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Prime Minister highlights the need for effective project governance and controls!

His address to the APS in the Great Hall of Parliament House highlighted the need for effective project governance and controls.

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The Shergold Report calls for better governance and better project controls!

PGCS is uniquely placed to help Departments deal with the challenges of implementing this report.

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GAO Schedule Assessment Guide

Final version published and available for download.

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