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Note: Academic papers published in the PGCAR are available for downloading in our Published Papers section.



Earned Schedule


Earned Schedule – application of the To Complete Schedule Performance Index, 2021, Walt Lipke.

This presentation details recent analysis using real data that has shown that the value 1.10 for TCPI and the To Complete Schedule Performance Index (TSPI) from Earned Schedule is a definitive and reliable performance threshold. This presentation describes the use of Earned Value Management/Earned Schedule project performance measures with the established threshold to compute the probability of cost and schedule recovery. Utilizing the computed probability, a schedule performance improvement strategy is discussed for achieving project recovery. The application of the recovery probability and strategy enhances the likelihood for having a successful project..
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The Earned Schedule Journey, 2018, Walt Lipke.

An overview of the impetus for creating Earned Schedule, the process and the challenges.
Download the presentation.


Managing out of Sequence Project Tasks, 2018, Walt Lipke.

Understanding, and calculating the effect of out-of-sequence work on the reliability of Earned Schedule data.  Defining the P-Factor'. 
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Predicting project outcomes – Earned Schedule is just the beginning!, 2018, Walt Lipke. 

The role of Earned Schedule in a comprehensive project controls system. 
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Evolution – Earned Value Management, Earned Schedule, and Science,  2017,  Walt Lipke.

Advances in science have been made through the practice of the scientific method; that is, through the proposition of theory followed by experimental testing to either, support and validate the proposition, or refute it. The common denominator in this process is the use of measures. This presentation discusses specific advances in measures and practice, making comparisons between science, Earned Value Management, and Earned Schedule. It is shown that measures intended and used for project control can lead to organizational improvement, improving both product quality and process efficiency. The objective of the presentation is to inspire attendees to initiate an improvement in their own project group or company.    Download the Presentation.


Extending EVM & scheduling best practice metrics,  2015,  Peter Colquhoun.

An overview of Earned Schedule, which provides time based schedule metrics and schedule prediction using EVM data. Advanced techniques which build on from Earned Schedule is also discussed including the concepts of “Schedule Adherence” including the P factor measure and an explanation of how Schedule Adherence directly assists network schedule analysis by enabling the identification of tasks subject to “impediments and constraints” or “at risk of rework”. Download the presentation.  


If Time is Money, then Accuracy is Important,  2014,  Stephan Vandevoorde.

An evaluation of the benefits of applying Earned Schedule to airport construction works. Download the presentation


Commercial Sector EVM / ES Implementation in Europe at Fabricom Case Study, 2014 Stephan Vandevoorde.

A commercial validation of the use of EV and ES to enhance project performance.  Download the presentation


Earned Schedule - Ten Years After,   2013,   Walte Lipke.

Earned Schedule is an extension to Earned Value Management (EVM) which provides accurate time based metrics. This presentation includes an overview of the history of the global collaboration, the capabilities, benefits and challenges of the method, and its present status in global project management practice. Download the presentation


Earned Schedule In Action,   2013,  Kym Henderson.

Case study: The application of Earned Schedule on two IT projects, demonstrating quantifiable cost and
schedule performance improvements. Download the presentation.





Earned Value

Publications Provided to Delegates by Mr. Steve Wake

(for personal use only):

-  Earned Value Analysis 8 (Steve Wake) - Protecting Profits. Controlling Costs, Integrating the 0rganisation,
   Transparently: Download the book

-  The Earned Value Management Compass (APM UK) - Measuring an organisation's ability to implement Earned Value
   (Maturity model).  Download the book.  

-  Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management (APM UK) - Managing contingencies and reserves.
   Download the book.   




An update on the significant developments in integrated project controls, EVM and project reporting within and external to CASG. 2021, Andrew Goodwin.

Significant developments in integrated project controls and EVM have occurred both within CASG and externally following the 2015 First Principles Review of Defence. This presentation provides an overview of the various updates and changes. The focus is on both the opportunities offered for improvements to practice and project delivery outcomes along with the challenges to be faced to achieve these benefits within CASG and more broadly to Defence industry.
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2020 Webinar: EVM and Risk Management Indonesian Style

EVM is a new concept in the Indonesian Context and in particular the infrastructure space. The main challenge is a lack of understanding of what it is and what value it can add to their projects. I was contracted to develop a PM methodology for one of the state owned enterprises involved in the electrical infrastructure sector in North Sumatera. The work involved the construction of over 1000 high voltage transmission towers and 16 sub-stations across millions of hectares and several regions. Before embarking on the project controls framework there was a need to create a portfolio, program and project level offices; establish clear roles and responsibilities; manage a range of diverse (cultural and competence) stakeholders; and then project, program and portfolio performance measurement. The presentation will cover the challenges and choices that I had to make including what went wrong! 

View the Webinar


Implementing AS/ISO 21508 Earned Value in Project and Programme Management, 2019, Kyn Henderson.  

Kym Henderson was one of the key contributors to the development of ISO 21508 and ISO 21511 (WBS) and lead the Standards Australia project to adopt 21508, upgraded to include a normative annex customised to the needs of Australian contract managers. This is a unique opportunity to understand the practical implications of how AS/ISO 21508 will affect your projects in the future from the person who literally 'wrote the book'.

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Earned Value Management in Defence, 2019, Andrew Goodwin.  

The Directorate of Project Controls Services in CASG's Program Management Branch released updated EVM policy and guidance during 2018-19. The new guidance was born out of the SMART Buyer framework and aids project managers in selecting and tailoring EVM requirements to individual contracts based on an assessment of the contract's strategic significance and cost, schedule and technical risk. This presentation will give an overview of the updated policy and guidance, prefaced by a discussion of the historical driving factors that shaped it.
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Earned Value Management in CASG, 2019, Chloe Kempster. 

A correctly implemented Earned Value Management System (EVMS) will: 
• Ensure better up-front planning by the contractor, leading to joint ownership of the Contract Performance Baseline, through an Integrated Baseline Review; and 
• Provide the Commonwealth and company management with the same performance data that: 
• reflects an objective measure of contract progress; 
• aids in analysis of the future cost and schedule outcomes; 
• aids in informed and timely decision making by providing early indication of possible problem areas; and 
• allows management by exception by drawing management attention to critical variances from the plan.
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Technical Performance Measures and Physical Percent Complete: Aids to Knowing When You Are Done, 2018, Glen Alleman.

Systems engineering uses technical performance measurements to balance cost, schedule, and performance throughout the life cycle. Technical performance measurements compare actual versus planned technical development and design. They also report the degree to which system requirements are met in terms of performance, cost, schedule, and progress in implementing risk handling. Performance metrics are traceable to user–defined capabilities.
Download the presentation.


An Overview of Earned Value Management, 2018, Patrick Weaver. 

A brief outline of Earned Value Management and the processes required to implement EVM in a business.
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An Overview of Earned Value Management,  2017, Patrick Weaver.

This workshop is designed for Business Managers and planners moving to introduce Earned Value Business Management into an organisation and is based on AS4817. At the end of the session, trainees will understand the power of using Earned Value as a practical control and monitoring technique designed to provide added value and insight to their overall project control process and appreciate the steps necessary to implement an effective EV system in their organisation.    Click to download Patrick's Presentation


The Origins of Earned Value Management, 2021 Patrick Weaver.

The concept of using performance data to empirically predict project completion seems to be a remarkably recent innovation. This presentation traces the development of EVM from its foundations, through to ISO 21508.
Download Patrick's presentation.


Establish the Project Baseline + Integrated Baseline Reviews,  2015,  Kym Henderson.

The project baseline provides the foundation for effectively managing a project and measuring progress against plan. This presentation looks at the Earned Value Project Management (EVPM) processes used to establish a project baseline and provides an overview of the conduct of the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) that confirms the viability and approves the Performance Measurement Baseline.  Download the presentation.


Applying project controls including Earned Value and Earned Schedule to a Manufacturing Environment,  2015,  David Fox.

An overview of the application of project governance and controls using EVM and Earned Schedule in a manufacturing environment. Download the presentation.


Project Control Metrics,  2015,  Steve Wake.

Project metrics provide the vital window that allows us to gain visibility on how a project is performing as it progresses.    This presentation looks at both traditional and improved / emerging EV metrics. Download the presentation


Earned Value: Taking the Next Step When Schedule is King,   2014,   Peter Colquhoun.

Anecdotal experiences that trace project management issues around EV and then identifying how Earned Schedule (If known about) may have provided insights and confidence that could have lead to better outcomes in a fixed price environment. Download the presentation

Using Cultural Change to Introduce Earned Value Performance Management into an Australian SME Rural Construction Company,  2014,  Raf Dua.

This paper howhow cultural change was introduced into a rural, small to medium, Construction Company, using EVPM to manage increasing workload and tight resources and market conditions for a low cost. Download the presentation

Earned Value and Integrated Performance Management – The International Perspective,   2013,   Gary Troop.

The importance of effective project Governance and Controls regimes and the role of EVM and Integrated Performance Management in achieving successful project outcomes. Download the presentation.