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The Project Governance & Controls Annual Review (PGCAR)

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Our annual review of interesting and practical academic papers is focused on enhancing the governance and practice of project, program and portfolio management in the Australasian region. Each annual update is published in the month following the Project Governance & Controls Symposium held in August, in Canberra; and includes papers received in the preceding year.


Academic papers published in the PGCAR are peer reviewed and relevant to our mission to improve project governance and control.  We will also occasionally include non-academic papers of a high quality submitted a part of the Symposium proceedings.  All academic papers approved for publication are eligible for inclusion in the Walt Lipke Award. Selected finalists receive a free registration to the PGCS symposium in Canberra to present their paper, the winner also receives a trophy and a $1000 cash prize - see more on the Walt Lipke Award



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Series Editor:
Patrick Weaver, email enquiries to 

Academic panel:
Dr. Raymond Young, UNSW Canberra.
Dr. Keith Joiner, UNSW Canberra.  
Dr. Lynda Bourne, Monash University.



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2019 - see pre-press listing for accepted papers for our 2019 edition

2017-18 edition: The Project Governance & Controls Annual Update




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Instructions for submitting papers to PGCAR

The Project Governance and Controls Symposium (PGCS) is a not for profit organisation focused on expanding knowledge of the management and governance of projects, programs, and portfolios in Australasia and rewarding excellence in research. Our published academic papers are designed to encourage practitioners, academics, and students to creatively think about the challenges our profession faces, suggest innovative solutions and offers a platform for disseminating your ideas to a wide audience. Papers selected for publication in the PGCAR are automatically eligible for inclusion in the Walt Lipke awards and a $1000 first prize (subject to the award conditions) - see more on the Walt Lipke Award.


PGCAR is an Australian publication, supported by PGCS and the Australian academic community, focused on improving the governance, control and delivery of protects, programs and portfolios. To achieve our aim of collecting and disseminating high quality papers and information in support of our objective, we are pleased to advice there are no charges associated with the review and publication of your paper. 


To ensure a high quality, this journal uses the double-blind review process, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from each other throughout the review process. The editor is the sole point of contact until after the paper has been accepted for publication. If you have any questions, email your enquiry to Patrick Weaver at: 


Information for prospective authors: 

This is an open publication - anyone can participate, practitioners, students, academics - the requirement is for an interesting paper of a high academic standard.  But in preparing you paper, remember PGCS is focused on achieving real improvement in the practice of project, program, and/or portfolio, management and/or governance. Therefore preference will be given to innovative papers that have direct, practical value. 

 ♦  Academic papers of of 3000 - 6000 words are required:

     -  Papers may have been written for other purposes (eg, coursework) but not published
     -  Download general information on the publication, formatting and referencing
     -  Download information on copyright.
     -  Download information on submitting your paper for review

♦   Papers selected for publication will be published in the prepress section of this website as soon as practical after acceptance, and included in our annual publication.




The Walt Lipke Award

The Walt Lipke award is an annual prize awarded to the best academic paper received by PGCS.


To be eligible for the award, your paper must have been:

♦  Submitted to the PGCAR journal since the close-off of the previous year's award,

♦  Accepted for publication, and

♦  Be available for presentation at the annual PGCS symposium in Canberra.


Agreeing to present your accepted paper at the annual PGCS symposium is a condition-precedent to being considered for the Walt Lipke award.  PGCS recognises this requirement may be a limitation to some people and will consider practical options, email if you feel dispensation may be appropriate. 


Three papers are nominated as finalists each year prior to PGCS, the winner is announced during the opening plenary session each year. 

♦  The winner will receive:
    - The Walt Lipke Project Governance and Control Excellence Award (Perpetual Trophy);
    -  A $1000 cash prize;
    -  Complimentary attendance at PGCS; and
    -  The presentation of your paper to the PGCS plenary (Key Note).

♦  The runners-up will receive:
    -  Complimentary attendance at PGCS; and
    -  The presentation of your paper in the PGCS Academic stream.

♦  Other papers deemed of a sufficient standard will be considered for presentations and/or publication,
    complimentary invitations to PGCS may be offered.


Selection of the finalists and winner each year is at the sole discretion of the PGCAR academic panel and will be based on the academic merit of the paper together with its potential for practical application, and availability for presentation at PGCS. Decisions of the selection panel are final.